Devhelp package and getting documentation

I installed devhelp. All the pages were empty, so I searched and found an old arch entry that indicated the doc is installed separately. This was repeated on the devhelp home page. The package looks supported.

I searched for gtk3-docs at branch-compare, but it is only in unstable.

When I clicked gtk3-docs it took me to Discover, where I got a “Kernel Panic 404 - page not found, rebooting server.” It consistantly happened with this package. I tried another package (i.e., gimp) and it worked fine. I’m think’n packages that have n/a in the Stable row should not have links to Discover :slight_smile:

I was also interested in the geany devhelp plugin. I have the community package, geany-plugins installed, but it doesn’t contain the devhelp plugin.

I usually install documentation locally so I don’t have to have connectivity and I can integrate it into an editor. I’ve never used devhelp before and thought I’d give it a try.

  1. Anyone else using devhelp? Any pointers to get started.
  2. What kind of documentation did you install and from where?
  3. Any particular reason the geany devhelp plugin wasn’t included in geany-plugins?

The GTK3 / GTK4 docs and demos were moved out of the gtk3 / gtk4 packages into gtk3-docs / gtk4-docs and gtk3-demos / gtk4-demos. However, on the stable and testing branches they are still included in gtk3 / gtk4.

That is strange as it’s an official plugin, but it appears to be disabled by default when building.


Good info to know. How does a user of Manjaro, know when this kind of stuff happens? Do I need to be watching something at Marjaro or at Arch? I hate bugging you guys if I can find the answer myself :slight_smile:

Does this mean that eventually the gtk doc and demos will be separate packages in Stable, like they are in Unstable?

I often install as much doc and demos locally as available. I don’t consider optional documentation to be bloatware. /usr/share/doc is my favorite place to hang out and read :slight_smile:

From time to time I have looked at yelp. It seems to me to be GNOME’s version of KDE’s Help Center. yelp didn’t impress me much, but there were entries. I don’t know when it occurred, but when I looked at it when I wrote this post, it was/is blank.

I’ll checkin with geany dev/support.

Thank you.

Not unless you really want to. I watch things like that because I’m a packager.


Where do I need to look?

For Arch packages, there’s an RSS feed. For Manjaro packages, you can enable notifications for the package(s) you want to watch.

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