Developer level package updating practices

This is more or less a comment rather than a question. But the subject matter is what caused me to switch to Manjaro. I used MX Linux for a few years. Reciently I noticed the mx devs have firefox updates locked down with the enterprise policy; DisableAppUpdate. In turn, there is a message in Firefox preferences that says; “Managed by your organization”, and there s no way to remove it that I can find. I guess the mx devs have there reasons, but it just doesnt sit right with me. It may seem small potatoes to some folks, but every time I saw that message it pissed me off. I went so far as to mentioned my dislike for this practice in the mx forum, and an actual mx dev told me there s nothing I can do about it. and an admin ended up removing my thread. After installing Manjaro I noticed this isn t being done in it s Firefox. This is good. To Manjaro devs; Please keep open source open, and leave these type of policies to microslop.

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thought thats the way it is with all debian derivatives. i use MX as well @work. their update record for browsers and other security issues are pretty solid though.

anyways welcome to Manjaro, my recommendation is you switch to “testing” branch. all things are updated as soon as things are vetted initially in “unstable” branch (same as Arch stable)