“dev/sda9: clean, …” This message appears after I startup my laptop, then it won't continue booting

I have dual boot, and I have Nvidia drivers. So when I turn on my laptop I choose manjaro and then it charge a few seconds when then appear the next dark screen with that message:

/dev/sda9: clean, 363557/10502144 files, 6614151/41979640 blocks

And it gets stuck in that screen, this is not the first time this message appear, it appears always I try to use manjaro and It doesn´t allow me to access to the system operative.
So I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance.

Does the same thing occur if you try to boot the “fallback” option from the GRUB menu? It’s under the “Advanced options” selection on the menu screen.

It boot well, the message appear but a few seconds, and then it boot normal, is that a solution?

isn’t that in contradiction with this?

The fsck is just a message to inform you that it took place and there are no inconsistencies, but if the system hangs, then one posible issue can be the GPU drivers. So, please let us know what is it: it hangs or the boot is normal?