/dev/sda1 filesystem unknown

Hey guys. Today my friend tried to dual boot windows and manjaro on Dell Vostra 7590, but faced the following issue: in the manjaro installation guide it is said that /dev/sda1 on his machine has no filesystem (it is said “filesystem: unknown. Size is 128MB”, so he can’t mount it to /boot/efi as a boot loader. Of cource, he can format it to FAT32 and then mount /boot/efi, but this would brake Windows 10, wouldn’t it? If you have any suggessions, that would be great.

Can you boot Windows ?

Yeap, windows works perfectly

Look here to start with.

Can you post the partitioning and your /etc/fstab ?

@yistarostin Hi welcome to the forum please see:

Without enough good info no one will be able to assist you with your problem.

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