[dev Release 202106260244] problem after initial setup - blank / black screen with blinking cursor

I flashed https://github.com/manjaro-pinephone/plasma-mobile-dev/releases/download/202106260244/Manjaro-ARM-plasma-mobile-pinephone-dev-20210626.img.xz to eMMC and setup a user called user. There are issues with the keyboard not appearing so I couldn’t setup wifi btw.

After finishing the setup, the screen has gone black / blank with a flashing _ in the top left corner of my Pinephone v1.2 and has done nothing for over 15 minutes now…isn’t this supposed to be the partition resize part?

Is this normal?


ps I ended up with forced shutdown and restart (long press on /off button) and rebooted - booted fine, I could enter my PIN and login

Yeah. It’s a “known” issue on the dev builds in the last week or so.
I say known, but we don’t really know why it’s happening.

Also, don’t flash Dev builds to eMMC. That’s just asking for trouble. Use an SD cards, since they are way easier to overwrite. :wink:

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Ok, it would be nice to have a heads-up but perhaps ‘normal’ users aren’t supposed to flash dev images?
Is there anywhere to see the ‘known issues’ for dev images?

I’ve run out of SD cards, slightly more convoluted to flash to eMMC but I didn’t expect to have to reflash Plasma Mobile so often. I don’t just want to buy another SD card just for the sake of it.

Last update I ended with a KDE logo and mouse and was unable to login as wifi wasn’t on and couldn’t ssh…I think I’ll just stick to Phosh for a few months lol!

Dev images are for, you guessed it, development purposes.

Regular users should stick with the Beta images, as they are the most stable.

I’ll flash the non-dev image and hope for the best! Thanks.

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