Desktop wont load


Well, it would be best as text rather than a screenshot. Also this is the beginning of the file when you had installed Manjaro back in March. It would be better to load your system from your install media and search for the file on your installed system. Then you may use gist to post your file. The last update might be enough. Check for the timestamps.

I also recommend to take this course so you may have a better feeling about Linux in general.


Sorry i didnt notice. Well, I dont have any install media



Screenshots are not the way to go here. I noticed some OpenRC packages. So which install media was used?


I used USB.
I found an error.
ERROR: netmount needs service(s) net

and this is written after startx

I found that someone else on this fórum had the samé problém and it wasn’t resolved so i will try to get you the folder you want.


Please point me to the forums thread so I may take a look at it …



Hmm, no clue what the issue might be. The current install medias can be found here. Also I still don’t know if you use systemd or openrc based Manjaro. Also I need to know if you did a partly upgrade or what the issue might be in general. Having the last lines of pacman.log might help to find out the matter you might be in.


It is picture from above, there are about 3 or 4 pages of the file.
How do I find out if i have systemd or openrc?
I dont know about any partly upgrade…
and thanks for your time, I reallly appreciate it


Well, it seems you removed systemd-sysvcompat and installed somehow openrc. Which install media did you use to install Manjaro?


Maybe you could try to install systemd back :

sudo pacman -S systemd libsystemd systemd-sysvcompat

After you remove openrc of course :

sudo pacman -Rs openrc


And i tried


remove nvidia-utils-openrc and use nvidia-utils instead (this after installing systemd) :

sudo pacman -Rs nvidia-utils-openrc


This was successful
Sudo pacman -Rs nvidia-utils-openrc
When i tried to install systemd back


You need to connect to internet first ( I think) :

Activate your wifi

ifconfig wlan0

add config for your network

iwconfig wlan0 essid <name> key <password>

replace name for your actual network name and password for your network password

And this will connect to network

dhclient wlan0

This guide is taken from here

Oh and don’t forget to sync your pacman database :

sudo pacman -Syy

or you’ll left with no openrc or systemd to boot with…


XFCE edition


XFCE edition with OpenRC or with SystemD?


my guess is systemd based on the screenshot… This picture taken from

And he somehow borked the system by installing nvida-utils-openrc


I don’t get why all those screenshots. A link or exact filename might help. However I assume he downloaded XFCE v17.0.1 which is based on systemd. Somehow he also managed to install openrc by his own, most likely not knowing what that might mean. Simply a standard clusterfuck … The latest version is XFCE v17.0.2-pre4, if a try with all current package updates is in the room …


Everything is ok now, I had to uninstall openrc and install systemd, thanks for help


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