Desktop with hdd / partitioning arrangements

Dear All,

first of all, hello to You.
i am new in Manjaro world, but i like it.
On the laptop i use OpenSuse and works great.
but on desktop i decided to go for Arch base linux and i prefer Manjaro KDE.

I created system for Windows but getting annoyed due to privacy…
My Desktop holds:

  • M2 500 GB
  • SSD 900 GB - like for programs
  • SSD 120 GB - only for temp
  • 2 x 2TB for pictures and documents.

i tried, and failed how to setup the partitions during installation.

My Idea was:

M2 500 GB - Boot & root
SSD 900 GB - Home and also for programs
SSD 120 GB - Swap drive - i know it will work differently comparing Windows Temp and the Swap file. since Desktop has 32 GB
2 x 2TB as a raid 1 for data protection - documents and pictures

Is it possible to have such arrangements as above? that the SSD 900 GB will be like a “Program files” folder? for Steam and its games, i.e.

i know and seen topic was rolled few times, but i have not seen such configuration (unique like every desktop).

main target for system - Graphics Gimp + Affinity Photo (either over VM or via Wine), from time to time working with video editing. and of course Steam and GTA 5 + Stronghold Crusader.

thanks in advance for any feedback.
have a good afternoon.

AFAIK applications are installed in /usr, but with 500GB you have plenty of room for those on your M2.

Also, Steam games are not installed in the system – Steam would need superuser privileges to do so, which it doesn’t ask – but in your home. So if you use your 900GB SSD for /home, Steam games will also be on it.

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thanks for the answer.
i am doing something wrong.
need to dig over net, would be perfect a guide over YT or so :frowning:

Are the these drives M.2, SATA SSD and HDD ?
Can you explain that further ?

My advice: keep things simple. Check this guide and my tutorial to give you a few ideas.

i guess you can be right. i need to switch mind from “windows” thinking to Linux way.

thanks for the comment, might be i will need some support from you Guys.