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Hello, I’m using Manjaro quite a long time with KDE. If I install another Desktop like xfce, would I be able to change the desktop on booting?

desktop environment

why not !? i just tried in a vb and it works :point_down:


edit - this can cause a mess in both sides because of all the configs not playing nice with each other but i still think it wouldn’t cause both de s are based on different framework and xfce4 package is only 10 mib. on a side note coustomizing xfce from scratch rather than using manjaro-xfce is something actually bad :wink:

Hi @rollex, and welcome!

While I imagine it’s possible, I have read here multiple times that it’s not reallly recommended, seeing as the DEs place their configurations in places that can either overwrite each other, cause great confusion amongst each other, or the user. And it can just plain look like a file-orgy…

Because it’ll be a heck of an headache to manage, if nothing else. It’ll be way to easy to forget about something, delete it, and bork your system.

As I said, I believe it’s possible, but I know it’s not recommended.

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I have read this numerous times but I have never seen actual evidence of any clash happening.
Which config files would that be?


I have never had the urge to move from KDE.

Thanks for replies. I decide to stay at KDE.

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See manjaro-kde-settings vs manjaro-gnome-settings vs manjaro-xfce-settings.

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On older SuSe distribution it was possible, to install several desktops und choose one of them to start. I know, it’s a gimmick.

Like I said, I’m sure it’s possible. And since it’s your computer, your system, you are welcome to.

Maintenance will be a pig, but it’s your system, your baby, your time and your sanity, so go ahead.

If you dare.