Desktop suddenly changed completely


I was just installing eclipse-java (to my /opt), and it works correctly. Then, I wanted to add a shortcut to it to my menu through the “Menu Editor” but I kept clicking on it and nothing popped up. I then tried to open other windows but nothing worked anymore so I just did a reboot.
Now, everything is still there and everything works, but my xfce seems to have reverted to a very strange style.

For some reason I am not allowed to link any screenshots or anything, but the imgur code to the screenshot is UT4ZNqJ

How do I get the default manjaro xfce configuration back? Why did this happen?
Thanks anyone!

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It looks like you lost somehow the Manjaro Xfce configurations and ended up with the default theming of Xfce.

To revert back, copy the content of the directory /etc/skel/ (the content of this directory is hidden, so make sure to show hidden files/folders) to your home directory and logout/login to see if that helped.

Make sure to create a backup of your home directory first.

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Hello, thank you for your kind reply.
I did this and nothing really happened aside from me seeing the welcome window again. Desktop is unchanged. Creating a new user, the new user has the old xfce configurations and all. Could I perhaps copy the new user’s configurations to my “broken” user’s xfce? How would I do that?

SOLVED: created new user (which automatically spawns with the correct xfce4 config files) and copied them over and replaced original user’s config files in



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