Desktop preferences menu and .desktop files issue

Hello everyone!

This is my first post so if I forget any guidelines, please bear with me.

I just installed Manjaro 20.02 with Gnome, I am very happy with this spin and I would really like to continue using it. Unfortunately I have encountered two problems that I don’t know how to solve and they are driving me crazy :smiley:

The first problem is that the item “Preferences” in the context menu of the desktop using the “Traditional” layout does not work, that is, nothing happens when you click on it. I have tried to execute the configuration from the extension itself, but doing that, I only see a message that says that I must use the menu that does not work to access the configuration.

The second problem is using the “Create Desktop Shorcut” function from the application menu.
Although the .desktop file is placed on the desktop, it is not possible to launch it. Obviously I selected the “Allow launch” option from the menu and even experimented with the permissions but nothing works.

Any help is more than welcome. Thank you very much in advance!

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Just to make sure, have you fully updated and rebooted after installing?

Thank you for taking the time to answer @Yochanan

Yes, I have fuly updated and rebooted several times after installation.

I just built the extension from the latest commit and am able to reproduce that. I guess we’ll have to wait for it to be fixed upstream.

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Thank your quick reply @Yochanan

As you say, now we have to wait for the problem to be fixed in the next one.

Regarding the shortcuts on the desktop, do you think it could also be something that is not working properly or maybe it could be something I am doing wrong?




Once again, thank you for your help here, @Yochanan

The issue is fixed with 0.17.0-1 in the unstable branch.

Excuse my ignorant question, but where can I get the unstable verison?

Apart from Architect, you always install stable version.
Then in your system, you may switch branch.

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