Desktop Pc on Linux, How?

Dear Manjaro community,
I´ve bought a desktop Pc and am really cconfused by all the Information flying around. So i wanted to ask someone hwo knows, what they are doing. I´ll try Linux and was recommended Manjaro so far.

This is the order I think I got; please correct me if I´m wrong:

  1. Build your Pc (should be doable)
  2. Boot Manjaro from Usb to ssd (just download at another device to (choosen Drive (USB))?)

But when do I install the drivers or choose my desktop enviroment (preferebly Gnome) or are there other things to consider?

This helprequest originates from frustration/confusion, so if you have good resources a LINK would be gorgeous, because this problem is defenitly not a specific one.
Please excuse incorrect english (am german).
You Guys are phenomenal!


  • download one iso with a desktop (gnome,kde,xfce, …)
  • install, documentation available

first download your Manjaro GNOME from here Manjaro - Gnome. Then create a bootable USB with balenaEtcher for example.
Plug it in your new PC and power it on. Enter the BIOS by pressing F12 or Del(Entfernen) or F2 or ESC and select the USB drive. You will then boot into the live environment (if not, go back into the BIOS and disable secureboot). Just click the “Install Manjaro” icon; the installer will explain everything.
If you want to keep a preinstalled OS you should inform yourself about partitioning.
After restarting you should boot into your installation, if not power off and unplug the USB drive and restart.