Desktop language

Dear All,

I want to have the desktop messages and menu entries all in bengali. My locale information as from localectl is:
System Locale: LANG=bn_IN
VC Keymap: n/a
X11 Layout: in
X11 Model: pc105
X11 Variant: eng

I am using a Macbook Pro mid 2015 Retina display.

I have two keyboard layouts, and I can switch, type in bengali as well as english.
The main reason of the query: how to configure so that the desktop entries come in bengali.

With my regards and all the very best wishes,

Hello @partha :wink:

You can set this at manjaro-settings-managerlocale settings. Relog and it is there.



Please accept my thanks for your kind help and support.

It is working; however, there are still some terms in English. Is it possible to change all of them?

With my regards and all the very best wishes,

I guess not. Translation are made here: Xfce localization If you add the translations there, it will be shipped with the offical release in the future also.