Desktop is black, applications and task bar work

Hi together,

two days ago, my desktop turned black and is now kind of deactivated.
Right clicking does not work and there are no application links anymore to use.

Anyway, the task bar works as usual, I am also able to use the file manager and applications like
Firefox without problems.

Does anyone have an idea how I can get back the normal desktop?

Many thanks!


I don’t mind taking a wild guess. Maybe you are in Desktop view instead of Folder view. Also I’m guessing you are using Plasma.

I’m sorry, I forgot there are different appearances, I’m using XfCE.

Meanwhile I found this article:
article: Black Screen Desktop on Login, Apr 2021
(I’m not allowed to post hyperlinks, I’m sorry)

I don’t know, how I should have killed the desktop process like the issue says, maybe it relates to updating via pacman -Syu (don’t know much about these things).
However, the command

xfdesktop --replace

works temporarily until the next start.

Deleting $HOME/.cache/sessions seems to have worked even though I have no idea what the problem was.

Thanks for your efforts and sorry again for missing information, next time I’ll do better!