Desktop GUI Remote Access

What’s the easiet way to access my desktop GUI on my Pi4 from my laptop?

I see both SSH & VNC are options but can’t find a clear way to do either.

Not completely sure what the question is.
But if you seek a nice and easy GUI program you could try remmina which is in the repo.

and here you can find a howto on how to setup RDP and VNC on the PI if not done already, thats including connecting to it with remmina.

question is how to access Pi’s desktop GUI remotely on Manjaro-ARM as all the guides I’ve found are on raspbian

so simply install xrdp on my Pi and use Remmina to access it?

Oke understand.

For the PI your could read this wiki for TigerVNC which is in the repo.
Or this wiki for Xrdp which is in AUR.

They should point you in the right direction.

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