.desktop file not working

I'm really liking st and have installed st-luke-git. It works from the terminal if I write st but I just cannot get the .desktop file to work. Neither can I get it to launch using ctrl+alt+t as the default terminal. The .desktop file is located at /usr/share/applications/st.desktop with the contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Suckless Terminal
Comment=suckless terminal emulator for the X window system

What should I do now?

Try ~/.local/share/applications/

Doesn't work. Exact same file works if I replace Exec=st with Exec=konsole for example.


$ st-luke

or st-luke-git?

Try putting the whole path in the Exec= line.

No. They don't work.

Tried putting Exec=/usr/bin/st but didn't help.

which st

What advantages does st-luke-git have over the sterminal community package?

One thing to notice though. If I put st-luke or st-luke-git, an error pops up but in the case of only st or the full address, there's no such thing.

There's transparency, solarized theme, infinite scroll etc. added.

which st =?
name in /usr/bin/ is "st" ?
Can not install

[ st-manjaro]

I don't understand what you're saying.

I can't install it on me because of dependencies. But ask here for it https://github.com/LukeSmithxyz/st

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Okay. I'll try asking there. Do you know of any other fork of st with at least transparency and scrolling patched in?

This works for me:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=suckless terminal


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It appears for me too. But doesn't launch the program.

Actually, st-luke is not a bad find @Chrysostomus might be interested in it.

Better configured out of the box than stmanjaro, but it would take me a lot of persuasion to dump sakura.

Well that is bizarre, works fine here.

Is it possible to launch a .desktop file from terminal? Maybe it's throwing some error? Or maybe it's permissions or something?

No, desktop files do not launch from a terminal, they are descriptive files for a gui launcher.

Did you try my version?

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