Desktop display confusion after switching user profiles KDE

I run Manjaro 18.1.2 and i have 2 user profile set up, mine as admin. and another one for a family member.
So when i change user profile and go on the non-admin account, when i come back into my admin profile the displays are the opposite as they should be.
The main screen (right) is placed on the secondary screen, wallpaper and widgets and vice versa for the other side.
The only solution to replace the desktop on the proper display is to reboot, login out and go back in does'nt work.

Have you set one of the monitors as "Primary" in Settings => Hardware => Display Configuration?

Is there a setting in panels (assuming Plasma panels) for a specific Monitor?
I use Latte panels, in which there is a setting for that.

Yes i did set the main monitor (right side) as primary.

I switched kernel to LTS (4.19.84) and had a bunch of updates today and it seems the problem has disappear.

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