Desktop Apps used to much ram, PC almost freezing. Quick help please

Hello, I just try to safe a File but i think my Ram was already on max usage, i see now my mouse cursors is moving 1mm every 15sec, also my HDD Led is blinking every few min. Is there a way to get my Desktop running again without a Hardware Reset, a Hotkey maybe?

I have some stuff open and i dont want file corruption. When i have to shutdown, what is the safest way to turn my PC off?

It means you’ve maxed out your RAM and you are swapping a lot. Swapping is a very I/O-intensive process and it has the highest priority. That’s why your computer appears frozen, but trust me, it is not.

Best is to just step back from it and let it do whatever it needs to do. It may take hours, but everything will eventually settle down.

The safest is to do nothing at all and wait. You could always try the Magic SysRq keys — provided that they are enabled — but that would still require time to properly let the applications save their data and terminate. If you force it, you will lose data.

So again, best advice I can give you is to let the kernel do its thing and wait.

I once compiled a Firefox from the AUR, and my computer appeared frozen for over five hours, so I just let it sit there and do its thing. I turned off the monitor and went to bed. The next day, everything was fine and the compile had finished without any errors.


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