Dependency hell with various java programs

After about 2 hours wrestling with this - going through dependency hell with various java programs (yes, I remember gcc install scripts and make, make-install, dependency hell - I thought we were past that), I finally got updated. Although it was at the expense of Minecraft-launcher.
For the upcoming holidays, my grandchildren are going to want to know why I had to delete their favorite program. I don’t know any answer other than it was necessary to keep my system updated.

doesn’t jdk-openjdk provide everything you need?

JRE is just the runtime engine. JDK adds additional development stuff and also includes the runtime engine. Before it was a split package which excluded it I assume.

doesn’t jdk-openjdk provide everything you need?
No it did not. I still had conflicts. I had some explicitly installed java apps and had to rundown “can’t delete this because that depends on it”, “Can’t delete that because these other 3 things depend on that” etc. a) I guess that’s what I get for installing things from outside the repos. b) I remembered how much I hated dependency hell. c) Everything is fine now, except I had to get rid of a game the grandkids liked, but they have their own copies of what they want on their handheld toys nowadays.

But it still doesnt make sense that you cant have what you want installed … especially after you have ‘overcome’ the initial ‘dependency hell’ in order to upgrade.

Maybe thats what the thread should actually be titled and inquiring about? Since you say everything else mentioned is ‘fixed’, even at time of the original post.

So … about that.

Are you referring to minecraft-launcher package in the AUR?
One that would need a rebuild after system library updates?
Are you saying you uninstalled it instead?
Whats stopping you from building it now?

AUR Packages regularly need rebuilding when the base packages have been updated.
If you didnt know that, or how to do it … then see all about it and more here:


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