dependence of system tray using stalonetray on battery status

Hello all,
I have seen stalonetray is a recommended way to put tray icons both in the forum and default limepanel configuration.

I am using it to show the nm-applet (I need it for connect to eduroam).

Everything looks OK, but if my battery is let say less than 30% the nm-pallet icon does not appear in the limepanel.

I went through the configuration and I can not see any dependence on the Battery status. Am I right?

My distro: bspwm-minimal


I figured out the solution myself. Maybe it is not an elegant way but It works:
I cut two lines from if [ "$systemtray" -eq 1 ]; then block from my $HOME/.bin/mypanel file and paste it at the end of mypanel just before the wait command.
Here is the tail of the modified mypanel file now. It will show nm-applet all the time. Calling stalonetray and top_padding are those which cut from the above if block.

       | while read line; do eval "$line"; done &
if [ "$systemtray" -eq 1 ]; then
    sleep 0.2 && stalonetray &
    sleep 0.3 && bspc config top_padding $((panel_height-gap)) & 
    sleep 2.0 && nm-applet &


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