Dell XPS 9360 - Issues booting windows

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I have been running manjaro on my Dell XPS 13 9360 and have decided to temporarily revert to windows 10. When I initially switched from windows to manjaro, I removed the windows SSD without wiping or altering it, inserted a new SSD and installed manjaro on that new SSD. Worked like a charm. The only change I had to make in the BIOS was to change the SATA operation setting from "Raid ON" to "AHCI".

I'm now attempting to return to windows. I've removed the manjaro SSD and have re-inserted the windows SSD in its place. I entered the bios and restored default bios settings. Now, when I boot, dell supportassist states that no bootable media has been found, but can run diagnostics on the windows ssd without finding any errors.

The bios can detect the drive, however the only boot option available is "Manjaro" - even though the ssd with manjaro on it has been removed from the system. Is there a way to point the bios back at the windows bootloader?


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Your firmware entry is merely a reference to the partition id containing your Manjaro installation.

Many firmwares allows you to create new boot entries - then point the entry to the Windows $esp.

And I don't know how to do that on your system - I don't know if it supports the manual creation of boot entries.

This looks like a firmware/BIOS issue. Normally a BIOS reset should be enough.
But because each OEM has own methods of applying the OS-HW connection, the best thing to do IMHO is to read the manual and/or ask the vendor for support.

But, just in case..., verify the setting for RAID in BIOS is proper (as it was before).

have you re-enabled secure boot ?

Thanks for the responses all. Can confirm that secure boot is enabled and sata operation is set back to "raid on". Looking through the bios there is an "add boot option button". This allows me to dig through a directory system, I can go through the file path EFI > Microsoft > Boot and I find files such as boot.stl, BOOTSTAT. DAT, bootmgr.efi, bootmgrw.efi.... Is one of these the option that I need to add?

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This is what I'm seeing in bios 'add boot option'


Managed to boot back into windows by adding a new boot option and pointing it at EFI\Boot\bootx64.efi

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