Dell Laptop: Analog Speaker Audio only after plugging and unplugging headphones


I am running Manjaro/KDE since a couple of years on my Dell Lattitude E7440 Laptop without major issues. Since a couple of days, the problem occurs, that after power-on there is no audio with the internal speakers. When plugging in the headphone, audio via headphone is fine. After unplugging the headphone jacket , internal speaker work fine as well.

I realized, that the internal audio analog stereo device is missing in the settings, until I plug-in the headphone into the headphone jacket.

Kernel is 6.1.1-1

Any idea for a possible root cause?

Thanks a lot!

I was able to fix the problem by deleting my pulseaudio user settings

rm ~/.config/pulse/cookie ~/.config/pulse/*.tdb

and reboot

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