Dell inspiron 15 need partition help

I have an old dell inspiron 15 that has 120GB SSD and 1TB sata. I wiped windows and installed manjaro xfce.
However, I accepted the default install which means all manjaro is on the SSD.
I would like to put HOME directory on the sata. My understanding is HOME will store my personal data and system will be on the SSD.
Thanks for all imput.

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Think about using your 1TB drive as a separate data partition, then symlinking your personal folders (pictures, documents, videos, …) to your home, so your small system ssd will stay lean and clean.

I never have the HOME directory on a separate partition or hard drive. All data and folders important to me are on a second hard disk.

How the disk is called is not important, whether home or data does not matter, only the name should always be the same, because of the links to the configuration files is important.

I just move the folders:


to your 2nd hard disk.

Then you only need to link them back to your Home (while dragging with the left mouse button, press the [Alt] key and release the mouse button at the destination). You can select and drag multiple folders at the same time. This way everything is very fast and good.

Do the same with all important folders e.g.


and important configuration files like


After a reinstallation you only need to delete the original folders and then link the folders of your 2nd disk and everything is there again.

You can also create a folder on your 2nd hard disk e.g. “Manjaro” and put your folders in it. Everything is possible.

In this way you can reinstall your system easily and quickly, without data garbage and bad configuration files in HOME, which could cause errors again.

Also you have the possibility to link your data disk with the personal files on a second system (dualboot) to be always on the same state without getting into conflict with inappropriate system configurations. Likewise you can connect the disk to another computer, e.g. after a new purchase, and have your data available there again without dragging the ballast of old configuration files with you.

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Trolling the web I found a how to “move $HOME DIR” from SDD /dev/sda
to Sata /dev/sdb

First create a temporary mount point to copy data.
sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt

Now copy the home directory.
sudo cp -rp /home/* /mnt

We need to unmount it from /mnt and remount it on /home.
sudo umount /dev/sdb1
sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /home/

We need to have /dev/sdb1 mounted automatically every time your computer is started.
Now we can edit the fstab file
/etc/fstab adding this line to the end of fstab save and quit.

/dev/sdb1	/home	ext4	defaults	0	0

Now that you’ve separated your /home directory from the rest of the operating system’s partition, you can re-install your operating system, and your data will be untouched. All you have to do is edit the fstab file to mount your second drive on /home.
And because all of your .config files are in your /home directory, when you fire up your various applications, they’ll find all of your settings, preferences, and data.

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