Delicious-Matchama SDDM and Splash

Delicious-Matchama-SDDM & Delicious-Matchama-Splash

Thanks to this thread I ended up making these two things.
As you can tell if you look at the screenshots - they do compliment one another.

There are 3 caveats..

-The splash is rather large because it relies on a gif - which even compressed is 25M
-The SDDM theme (like the original) is geared more towards a single-user style
-The SDDM theme (like the original) does not like the virtual qtkeyboard input. Upon running the install script asks to remove that option if it exists.

This is one especially for you DE-hoppers, or just those with multiple desktops.
(for some reason gitlab image sourcing isnt working, so heres the screenshot ..)

I dont have multiple DE's .. so use your imagination.
The background is animated during both sign-in and splash.

As always .. tell me what you think :penguin:


Neat. I'm now using the splash image as my desktop background. :grin: :+1:

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Nice. It was a bit interesting - splash is wrapped up in the larger global/look-and-feel themes. I had quessed, but wasnt sure, that maybe if I made a 'partial' look-and-feel with just the splash parts maybe it would work (and not show up badly as an option in other areas). I guess it do work that way.

Now if they ever create a separate lockscreen KCM then we could do the same thing there. Ostensibly there wouldnt be much difference .. its just that we are missing any utility to select the lockscreen.

Quick question. During testing is it normal for this not to do anything when you enter your password and hit enter, or should one get a popup saying testing was successful?

Yes its normal :+1:

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COOL, Thanks then all should be good here.

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