Deleted Manjaro partition from Windows. Now I'm stuck in grub rescue limbo

Hi guys and gals.
New here and I have an issue.

Without thinking straight, I deleted my Manjaro partition from Windows and now I am stuck in Grub Rescue Limbo. I cannot access bios, I cannot access my bootable windows usb, all partitions listed with ls command is unknown filesystems.

I have no clue what I am doing or what I can do to save my Windows. I really need to get access to Windows again as I this is my study computer and I need it for my masters.

Kind regards,

so if you cannot access anything, then youll need a second computer and atach your drive there and trying to repair your drive/ windows boot, with windows live usb

Just to be sure I understand you correctly.

I need to physically remove my drive from my computer, connect it to another computer, access the drive via a bootable windows live usb and hope to God that I can fix it that way?

yes thats basically it, the windows bootable usb/dvd has options there to repair windows, so dont worry your win is not lost… but first try manjaro usb, it should be detected …

edit: are you sure you cannot access your bios or boot menu by repeatedly tapping esc, del, f2, f10, f12 etc…?

Probably not. Maybe you need a Linux live USB or in the worst case, a Windows install USB.

Do you know what type of boot is your system using? UEFI or BIOS?

When using these key’s does not work to get into the bios then fastboot is probably enabled. Disconnecting the drive the PC boots from could trigger some fallback option to get to settings on some motherboards.

If you only removed the Manjaro Partition and you boot every time into grub emergency, then it must be BIOS installation without an EFI Partition, right?

Only way here would be here reinstalling Manjaro, or reinstalling the bootloader of Windows. Since on a BIOS Setup only one bootloader per HDD can exist.