Delete or not? More than 195 packets


I’m a new user of Linux… and surfing through internet i have found the command “sudo pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq)”

The problem is that it have 195 packets… so I don’t know if delete everything or not?

What should i do?

Thank you in advance!

comprobando dependencias...
:: gperftools requiere opcionalmente graphviz: pprof graph generation
:: groff requiere opcionalmente netpbm: for use together with man -H command interaction in browsers
:: libreoffice-fresh requiere opcionalmente kio: for KF6 KDE desktop integration
:: libwbclient requiere opcionalmente python-dnspython: samba_dnsupdate and samba_upgradedns in AD setup
:: lv2 requiere opcionalmente python-lxml: for
:: lv2 requiere opcionalmente python-pygments: for
:: python-beautifulsoup4 requiere opcionalmente python-lxml: alternative HTML parser
:: python-pyparsing requiere opcionalmente python-jinja: for generating Railroad Diagrams
:: qt5-tools requiere opcionalmente clang: for qdoc
:: samba requiere opcionalmente python-dnspython:, and 
:: smbclient requiere opcionalmente python-dnspython: samba_dnsupdate and samba_upgradedns in AD setup
advertencia: se ha detectado un bucle de dependencias:
advertencia: qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg se quitará después de su dependencia qt6-multimedia

Paquetes (195) autoconf-2.72-1  automake-1.16.5-2  bison-3.8.2-6
               breeze-icons-6.3.0-1  cairomm-1.16-1.18.0-1  clang-17.0.6-2
               compiler-rt-17.0.6-2  cppdap-1.58.0-1  debugedit-5.0-6
               dialog-1:1.3_20240307-2  docbook-xml-4.5-9  docbook-xsl-1.79.2-7
               electron31-31.0.1-1  fakeroot-1.35-1  flex-2.6.4-5  fmt-10.2.0-1
               glew-2.2.0-6  glfw-3.4-2  glib2-docs-2.80.3-2
               glibmm-2.68-2.80.0-1  graphviz-11.0.0-1  gtk-doc-1.34.0-1
               gts-  karchive-6.3.0-1  karchive5-5.116.0-1
               kauth-6.3.0-1  kbookmarks-6.3.0-1  kbookmarks5-5.116.0-1
               kcodecs-6.3.0-1  kcompletion-6.3.0-1  kcompletion5-5.116.0-1
               kconfigwidgets-6.3.0-1  kcontacts-1:6.3.0-1
               kcontacts5-5.116.0-1  kcrash-6.3.0-1  kcrash5-5.116.0-1
               kdeclarative5-5.116.0-1  kded5-5.116.0-1  kglobalaccel-6.3.0-1
               kglobalaccel5-5.116.0-1  kiconthemes-6.3.0-1
               kiconthemes5-5.116.0-1  kio-6.3.0-1  kio5-5.116.0-1
               kirigami-6.3.0-1  kirigami2-5.116.0-1  kitemmodels-6.3.0-1
               kitemviews-6.3.0-1  kitemviews5-5.116.0-1  kjobwidgets-6.3.0-1
               kjobwidgets5-5.116.0-1  kpackage5-5.116.0-1  kpeople5-5.116.0-1
               kservice-6.3.0-1  ksvg-6.3.0-2  ktextwidgets5-5.116.0-1
               kxmlgui-6.3.0-1  kxmlgui5-5.116.0-1  lib32-acl-2.3.2-1
               lib32-gettext-0.22.5-1  lib32-glew-2.2.0-4  lib32-libnl-3.9.0-1
               lib32-libpcap-1.10.4-1  libnbd-1.20.0-3  libsass-3.6.6-1
               libvirt-1:10.4.0-1  llvm-17.0.6-5  m4-1.4.19-3
               media-player-info-24-2  netpbm-10.86.41-1  ninja-1.12.1-1
               pangomm-2.48-2.52.0-1  phodav-3.0-2  pkgconf-2.1.1-1
               polkit-qt6-0.200.0-1  pyside6-6.7.1-1
               python-annotated-types-0.7.0-1  python-anyascii-0.3.2-3
               python-contourpy-1.2.1-3  python-cssselect2-0.7.0-4
               python-cycler-0.12.1-2  python-dateutil-2.9.0-5
               python-dnspython-1:2.6.1-1  python-fonttools-4.53.0-1
               python-gnupg-0.5.2-2  python-jinja-1:3.1.4-1
               python-kiwisolver-1.4.5-3  python-lxml-5.2.2-1
               python-manjaro-sdk-1:0.1.1-1  python-markupsafe-2.1.5-2
               python-matplotlib-3.8.3-3  python-pydantic-core-1:2.18.4-1
               python-pygments-2.17.2-3  python-regex-2024.5.15-1
               python-reportlab-4.1.0-2  python-svglib-1.5.1-3
               python-systemd-235-3  python-tinycss2-1.3.0-1
               python-tqdm-4.66.4-1  python-webencodings-0.5.1-11
               python-yapsy-1.12.2-8  qhull-2020.2-4
               qt5-graphicaleffects-5.15.14-1  qt5-quickcontrols-5.15.14-1
               qt5-quickcontrols2-5.15.14+kde+r5-1  qt6-multimedia-6.7.1-2
               qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg-6.7.1-2  rhash-1.4.4-1  shiboken6-6.7.1-1
               solid-6.3.0-1  solid5-5.116.0-1  sonnet-6.3.0-1
               sonnet5-5.116.0-1  vim-runtime-9.1.0496-1  yajl-2.1.0-6
               asar-3.2.8-1  base-devel-1-3  bc-1.07.1-4  cabextract-1.11-1
               cdrtools-3.02a09-5  clutter-gst-3.0.27-4  cmake-3.29.6-1
               dotnet-runtime-7.0-7.0.20.sdk120-1  electron-1:31-1
               electron29-29.4.3-1  feh-3.10.2-1  gamemode-1.8.1-2  gcab-1.6-1
               glm-1.0.1-1  gnu-netcat-0.7.1-10  go-2:1.22.4-1
               gradience-0.4.1-3  gtkmm-4.0-4.14.0-1  gvim-9.1.0496-1
               http-parser-2.9.4-2  innoextract-1.9-9  jq-1.7.1-2
               kcmutils-6.3.0-1  kcmutils5-5.116.0-1  kdeclarative-6.3.0-1
               kirigami-addons-1.2.1-1  kirigami-addons5-0.11.0-7
               kpeople-6.3.0-1  kpeoplevcard-0.1-2  kstatusnotifieritem-6.3.0-1
               ldns-1.8.3-2  lib32-attr-2.5.2-1  lib32-gamemode-1.8.1-1
               lib32-mangohud-0.7.2-1  lib32-vkd3d-1.11-1  libfakekey-0.3-2
               libgnome-games-support-1.8.2-3  libliftoff-0.5.0-1
               libshumate-1.2.2-1  libsmbios-2.4.3-7  libutempter-1.2.1-4
               libvirt-glib-5.0.0-1  mangohud-0.7.2-1  maven-3.9.7-1
               meson-1.4.1-1  modemmanager-qt-6.3.0-1
               modemmanager-qt5-5.116.0-1  nvm-0.39.7-1  pulseaudio-qt-1.5.0-1
               python-distro-1.9.0-2  python-evdev-1.7.0-3
               python-future-1.0.0-1  python-moddb-0.11.0-1
               python-pefile-2023.2.7-2  python-ply-3.11-13
               python-proton-client-0.7.1-2  python-pyaml-23.12.0-2
               python-pycurl-7.45.2-4  python-pydantic-2.7.4-1
               python-pyrate-limiter-3.6.0-2  python-pythondialog-3.5.3-3
               python-toolz-0.12.1-2  qqc2-desktop-style-6.3.0-1
               qqc2-desktop-style5-5.116.1-1  re2-1:20240601-1  rust-1:1.79.0-1
               sassc-3.6.2-4  sdl_net-1.2.8-5  sdl_sound-1.0.3-11
               spice-gtk-0.42-3  sshfs-3.7.3-1  vala-0.56.17-1  vkd3d-1.11-1
               web-installer-url-handler-2.3-1  webrtc-audio-processing-0.3.1-4
               wine-9.11-1  wireless_tools-30.pre9-4  wlroots-0.17.3-1

Tamaño total quitado:  2737,40 MiB

:: ¿Desea quitar estos paquetes? [S/n] n

Hi @josesi,

Thank you for checking first and not just doing.

Are you trying to do anything specific?
What is your aim?

If it is simply removing orphan packages, I use:

pamac remove --orphans

…and have generally had no problems.

Hope this helps!


Thank for your answer.

My aim is simply removing orphan packages, as you say…

Para eliminar (156):
  python-ply                       3.11-13                                                     extra
  xorg-xgamma                      1.0.7-1                                                     extra
  kstatusnotifieritem              6.3.0-1                                                     extra
  kpeoplevcard                     0.1-2                                                       
  kpeople5                         5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kpeoplevcard)               extra
  kcontacts5                       5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kpeoplevcard)               extra
  vkd3d                            1.11-1                                                      extra
  nvm                              0.39.7-1                                                    extra
  jq                               1.7.1-2                                                     extra
  python-moddb                     0.11.0-1                                                    extra
  sdl_net                          1.2.8-5                                                     extra
  maven                            3.9.7-1                                                     extra
  libgnome-games-support           1.8.2-3                                                     extra
  libvirt-glib                     5.0.0-1                                                     extra
  libvirt                          1:10.4.0-1        (Huérfano de: libvirt-glib)               extra
  libnbd                           1.20.0-3          (Huérfano de: libvirt-glib)               extra
  yajl                             2.1.0-6           (Huérfano de: libvirt-glib)               extra
  ldns                             1.8.3-2                                                     core
  mangohud                         0.7.2-1                                                     extra
  glfw                             3.4-2             (Huérfano de: mangohud)                   extra
  fmt                              10.2.0-1          (Huérfano de: mangohud)                   extra
  bc                               1.07.1-4                                                    extra
  sshfs                            3.7.3-1                                                     extra
  kdeclarative                     6.3.0-1                                                     extra
  cabextract                       1.11-1                                                      extra
  python-pyaml                     23.12.0-2                                                   extra
  innoextract                      1.9-9                                                       extra
  lib32-gamemode                   1.8.1-1                                                     multilib
  qqc2-desktop-style               6.3.0-1                                                     extra
  sonnet                           6.3.0-1           (Huérfano de: qqc2-desktop-style)         extra
  libutempter                      1.2.1-4                                                     extra
  clutter-gst                      3.0.27-4                                                    extra
  wireless_tools                   30.pre9-4                                                   extra
  gradience                        0.4.1-3                                                     
  python-anyascii                  0.3.2-3           (Huérfano de: gradience)                  extra
  python-svglib                    1.5.1-3           (Huérfano de: gradience)                  extra
  python-cssselect2                0.7.0-4           (Huérfano de: gradience)                  extra
  python-tinycss2                  1.3.0-1           (Huérfano de: gradience)                  extra
  python-webencodings              0.5.1-11          (Huérfano de: gradience)                  extra
  python-material-color-utilities  0.1.5-3           (Huérfano de: gradience)                  
  python-regex                     2024.5.15-1       (Huérfano de: gradience)                  extra
  python-yapsy                     1.12.2-8          (Huérfano de: gradience)                  
  python-proton-client             0.7.1-2                                                     
  python-gnupg                     0.5.2-2           (Huérfano de: python-proton-client)       extra
  cmake                            3.29.6-1                                                    extra
  cppdap                           1.58.0-1          (Huérfano de: cmake)                      extra
  rhash                            1.4.4-1           (Huérfano de: cmake)                      extra
  rust                             1:1.79.0-1                                                  extra
  gcab                             1.6-1                                                       extra
  kcmutils5                        5.116.0-1                                                   extra
  kdeclarative5                    5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kio5                             5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  ktextwidgets5                    5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kcompletion5                     5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  solid5                           5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kded5                            5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kcrash5                          5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kjobwidgets5                     5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kbookmarks5                      5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kxmlgui5                         5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kitemviews5                      5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kpeoplevcard)               extra
  kglobalaccel5                    5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kpackage5                        5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  gamemode                         1.8.1-2                                                     extra
  lib32-vkd3d                      1.11-1                                                      multilib
  gvim                             9.1.0496-1                                                  extra
  vim-runtime                      9.1.0496-1        (Huérfano de: gvim)                       extra
  kirigami-addons                  1.2.1-1                                                     extra
  ksvg                             6.3.0-2           (Huérfano de: kirigami-addons)            extra
  modemmanager-qt5                 5.116.0-1                                                   extra
  gnu-netcat                       0.7.1-10                                                    extra
  python-pythondialog              3.5.3-3                                                     extra
  dialog                           1:1.3_20240307-2  (Huérfano de: python-pythondialog)        core
  python-evdev                     1.7.0-3                                                     extra
  libshumate                       1.2.2-1                                                     extra
  re2                              1:20240601-1                                                extra
  lib32-attr                       2.5.2-1                                                     multilib
  python-pydantic                  2.7.4-1                                                     extra
  python-annotated-types           0.7.0-1           (Huérfano de: python-pydantic)            extra
  python-pydantic-core             1:2.18.4-1        (Huérfano de: python-pydantic)            extra
  qqc2-desktop-style5              5.116.1-1                                                   extra
  sonnet5                          5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  kiconthemes5                     5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  karchive5                        5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kcmutils5)                  extra
  wine                             9.11-1                                                      multilib
  lib32-gettext                    0.22.5-1          (Huérfano de: wine)                       multilib
  lib32-acl                        2.3.2-1           (Huérfano de: wine)                       multilib
  lib32-libpcap                    1.10.4-1          (Huérfano de: wine)                       multilib
  lib32-libnl                      3.9.0-1           (Huérfano de: wine)                       multilib
  python-pyrate-limiter            3.6.0-2                                                     extra
  sassc                            3.6.2-4                                                     extra
  libsass                          3.6.6-1           (Huérfano de: sassc)                      extra
  modemmanager-qt                  6.3.0-1                                                     extra
  electron29                       29.4.3-1                                                    extra
  electron                         1:31-1                                                      extra
  electron31                       31.0.1-1          (Huérfano de: electron)                   extra
  dotnet-runtime-7.0               7.0.20.sdk120-1                                             extra
  http-parser                      2.9.4-2                                                     extra
  python-future                    1.0.0-1                                                     extra
  gtkmm-4.0                        4.14.0-1                                                    extra
  pangomm-2.48                     2.52.0-1          (Huérfano de: gtkmm-4.0)                  extra
  glibmm-2.68                      2.80.0-1          (Huérfano de: gtkmm-4.0)                  extra
  cairomm-1.16                     1.18.0-1          (Huérfano de: gtkmm-4.0)                  extra
  pulseaudio-qt                    1.5.0-1                                                     extra
  feh                              3.10.2-1                                                    extra
  base-devel                       1-3                                                         core
  autoconf                         2.72-1            (Huérfano de: base-devel)                 core
  debugedit                        5.0-6             (Huérfano de: base-devel)                 core
  bison                            3.8.2-6           (Huérfano de: base-devel)                 core
  fakeroot                         1.35-1            (Huérfano de: base-devel)                 core
  automake                         1.16.5-2          (Huérfano de: base-devel)                 core
  flex                             2.6.4-5           (Huérfano de: base-devel)                 core
  m4                               1.4.19-3          (Huérfano de: base-devel)                 core
  webrtc-audio-processing          0.3.1-4                                                     extra
  libfakekey                       0.3-2                                                       extra
  wlroots                          0.17.3-1                                                    extra
  kcmutils                         6.3.0-1                                                     extra
  kirigami                         6.3.0-1           (Huérfano de: kcmutils)                   extra
  kitemmodels                      6.3.0-1           (Huérfano de: kcmutils)                   extra
  kxmlgui                          6.3.0-1           (Huérfano de: kcmutils)                   extra
  kglobalaccel                     6.3.0-1           (Huérfano de: kdeclarative)               extra
  asar                             3.2.8-1                                                     extra
  kpeople                          6.3.0-1                                                     extra
  kcontacts                        1:6.3.0-1         (Huérfano de: kpeople)                    extra
  python-toolz                     0.12.1-2                                                    extra
  libsmbios                        2.4.3-7                                                     extra
  sdl_sound                        1.0.3-11                                                    extra
  go                               2:1.22.4-1                                                  extra
  kirigami-addons5                 0.11.0-7                                                    extra
  kirigami2                        5.116.0-1         (Huérfano de: kirigami-addons5)           extra
  qt5-graphicaleffects             5.15.14-1         (Huérfano de: kirigami-addons5)           extra
  qt5-quickcontrols                5.15.14-1         (Huérfano de: kirigami-addons5)           extra
  qt5-quickcontrols2               5.15.14+kde+r5-1  (Huérfano de: kirigami-addons5)           extra
  vala                             0.56.17-1                                                   extra
  gtk-doc                          1.34.0-1          (Huérfano de: vala)                       extra
  docbook-xsl                      1.79.2-7          (Huérfano de: vala)                       extra
  docbook-xml                      4.5-9             (Huérfano de: vala)                       extra
  glib2-docs                       2.80.3-2          (Huérfano de: vala)                       core
  pkgconf                          2.1.1-1           (Huérfano de: base-devel)                 core
  meson                            1.4.1-1                                                     extra
  python-tqdm                      4.66.4-1          (Huérfano de: meson)                      extra
  ninja                            1.12.1-1          (Huérfano de: meson)                      extra
  libliftoff                       0.5.0-1                                                     extra
  glm                              1.0.1-1                                                     extra
  python-pycurl                    7.45.2-4                                                    extra
  python-pefile                    2023.2.7-2                                                  extra
  spice-gtk                        0.42-3                                                      extra
  phodav                           3.0-2             (Huérfano de: spice-gtk)                  extra
  cdrtools                         3.02a09-5                                                   extra
  python-distro                    1.9.0-2                                                     extra
  lib32-mangohud                   0.7.2-1                                                     multilib
  lib32-glew                       2.2.0-4           (Huérfano de: lib32-mangohud)             multilib
  glew                             2.2.0-6           (Huérfano de: lib32-mangohud)             extra
  web-installer-url-handler        2.3-1                                                       
  python-manjaro-sdk               1:0.1.1-1         (Huérfano de: web-installer-url-handler)  
  python-systemd                   235-3             (Huérfano de: web-installer-url-handler)  extra

Tamaño total eliminado: 2,2 GB

Aplicar transacción ? [s/N] 

Then the command I gave should, in theory be fine. I regularly use it myself and don’t think I have a problem. I say theoretically, because sh1t happens.

In any case, if you find something missing afterwards you can al ways reinstall it.

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Thank you very much.

Everything seems to be working fine.

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You forgot the trademark ™


:point_up: my bad!

:point_up: my bad! ™

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