Delete app that does not show in Add/Remove Software

I have installed Tixati. By running tixati in terminal I receive message tixati: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory which to my understanding is due to 32 bit version of app, but my system is 64 bit. I want to reinstall tixati to try 64 bit version. By searching tixati in Add/Remove Software no result shows up. How do I uninstall the app? All I can find is tixati under /usr/bin. Could there be more files associated with tixati?
Thanks in advance!

How? It’s available in the AUR (Arch User Repository), but if you had installed it from there it would appear in Add/Remove Software.

Reversing whatever you did to install it, presumably.

Unfortunately I remember only downloading some files from their offical website… I tried sudo pacman -Rsn tixati but received message error: target not found: tixati

If you didnt install a package (ALPM/pacman) then uninstalling using pacman wont work.
You will have to manually reverse your actions - run the uninstall script, manually remove the files, etc.

Deleted /usr/bin/tixati with sudo rm and then installed tixati from aur package. thanks

pacman does not handle and has no knowledge of packages installed through third-party means.

If the package you downloaded was tixati-2.87-1.i686.manualinstall.tar.gz, then it would appear that it’s a standalone binary, and then simply deleting /usr/bin/tixati would be the way to get rid of it.

By the way, the official website offers 64-bit packages as well, albeit that, as @Yochanan says, you should install the AUR version instead. Then at least your package manager will know about it.


sudo rm -f /usr/bin/tixati && pamac build tixati
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