Delaying system updates


I am a student. Due to shortage of bandwidth, I always avoid installing updates. But as Manjaro is a rolling distro, it receives frequent updates. I generally install updates once in a 1 month or 2. I don’t want to move to Debian for this, as I love using Manjaro. So is there any issue if I do so? Is delaying updates is a good choice? I use my desktop for programming stuff.


Yes, there might be. Manjaro is not updated as often and irregularly as other rolling-release distributions because of the extended testing phase, but you should still keep your system updated and monitor the #announcements:stable-updates category for caveats that require manual intervention.

If for whatever reason you cannot or will not do this, then you will eventually run into breakage, and so then maybe a fixed-point-release distribution would be a better choice for you. :man_shrugging:

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