Delayed December Desktops 2018


Hope I didn’t miss an existing thread…


Oh my God!

Where can I get that wallpaper? Please? :heart_eyes:



This one?


Doh! Sorry.



@Lunix our best :slight_smile:


Thx. It’s not the exactly same I think though. It’s upright, not 3D… Or am I not seeing it? (currently on mobile, sorry)

Found it!

Thx :+1:


this one

You can install the set from the software panel

manjaro-wallpapers-by-lunix-cool-logo 1.0-3


Fascinating, what are those holes (ruptures) that have glowing light emitting from them symbolize?


Thx. Downloaded and installed. Just need to figure out a way to push the logo a bit to the left so it doesn’t interfere with my conky and it will be perfect. Thank you.


For me it represents a working digital system. But you are free to interpret it in any way you want :wink:


Looking at my screens and at your pic, I like your pic better. I think your camera must have somehow messed up with the hue or saturation (more blue mixed in?) but the end result looks better than the original to me? I need to play with hue and saturation a bit :slight_smile:


Awesome wallpapers you made. I like them very much. Thank you for your dedication :+1:


Crappy smartphone photo. Accidental glow enhancement!