Delay /freezing on dolphin due to usb external hdd sleep (take time to wake up)

I have an external usb storage device that will auto sleep after sometime of inactive, which is fine to me to preserve the device life span.

When i run dolphin to browse any local folder location (eg: /home/Desktop/) , dolphin will have a few seconds of unresponsiveness until the external usb storage device spin up.

Does it have to be this way ? Is there way to make dolphin don’t freeze (waiting for the usb to spin up) ? i am not gonna open the folder in the usb storage anyway, why it must waste my time waiting for the sleepy hdd ?
Is there way to set up that dolphin don’t wait for the usb hdd when i click on it ? This kind of waiting is really inefficient at this age.

Configure the USB drive so that it does not spin down, or unmount it after use. :arrow_down:

man hdparm

Is it good to let it keep spinning ? I am accessing the usb hdd on and off… so i won’t be unmount it anytime.
Is there way to make dolphin so that it does not caught on external devices when user is not accessing it ?
I mean, dolphin can always waiting for the usb drive to respond in the background instead of hang the whole ui for it.

If there any such setting ?

It depends on the type of drive. But in general, I would say that it’s probably better to keep it spinning than to let it spin down and up all the time. The spindle motor will wear far less from maintaining a constant speed than from having to spin up from zero all the time.


It isn’t Dolphin that does that. I/O is a prioritized process in the kernel, and it is the kernel that handles the I/O. Dolphin only shows you what the kernel shows it in turn.

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Thank you for explaining. Understood .

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