Deja Dup unmounting backup drive

This is weird and only happens on my Manjaro/KDE Plasma system. I run Deja Dup on all my linux systems and backup the ~/home directories to a samba./cifs server on the network. Works fine on other Linux systems, but on my new install of Manjaro Plasma I have this weird problem where after a automatic or manual backup run, the cifs share where the backup goes, gets unmounted. So the next day it fails. This is very repeatable. The mount is in my fstab. but I have to mount again after a backup run.

Hello, could you paste here your Fstab entry?

// /mnt/public cifs defaults,user=jim,password=noway849,uid=jim,gid=users,dir_mode=0775,file_mode=0664 0 0
// /mnt/anonymous cifs defaults,user=jim,password=noway849,uid=jim,gid=users,dir_mode=0775,file_mode=0664 0 0

The odd thing is that after boot, bot the cifs shares are mounted and after backup runs, only the /mnt/public is mounted.

/mnt is for temporary mounts, I don’t think it’s best practice to use it in fstab.

I’d recommend rather to create and use a dedicated folder, not mnt neither run.

Personnaly I always use this method:

The fact that I have multiple computers from Raspberry Pi 4s to AMD/Intel desktops running some Debian derivative that all mount cifs shares in fstab to /mnt and don’t have this problem says it unique to Manjaro/Arch. I’m not sure I can change all my systems to a new mount point or method. It would be simpler to put Linux Mint or Ubuntu on this system since it’s one I just play with.

I looked into your statement and found the most everyone uses /media for temporary mounts and /mnt is more for permanent mounts. This was from Archlinux wiki and discussions.

BTW, this problem with unmounting after deja dup backup does not happen on Archlinux.