Default terminal command for AUR mainenance

Somehow pamac is able to install from AUR.
Is it possible, to do this from terminal without installing yaourt/yay etc?

it is the pamac build command, while for repo package is pamac install

Ty. Can I check for AUR updates from terminal with pamac? Like “-Syu”

While this is true, I’ve found that pamac install searches the AUR if there as nothing found in the repositories.


From the help:

$  pamac checkupdates -h
Safely check for updates without modifiying the databases
(Exit code is 100 if updates are available)

pamac checkupdates [options]

--builddir <dir> : build directory (use with --devel), if no directory is given the one specified in pamac.conf file is used
--aur, -a        : also check updates in AUR
--no-aur         : do not check updates in AUR
--quiet, -q      : only print one line per update
--devel          : also check development packages updates (use with --aur)
--no-devel       : do not check development packages updates
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pamac upgrade -a

updates all packages from repo and AUR.

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man pamac is a good place for information :wink:


run pamac -h or pamac "command" -h for detail (as pamac build -h)
we have also man pamac

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I don’t use pamac so can’t reply further

Unlikely, except you enable AUR in “Add/Remove Software” aka pamac in GUI.

$ pamac install viber
Error: target not found: viber

$ pamac build viber
Cloning viber build files...
Checking viber dependencies...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To build (1):
  viber    AUR

Aah, yes. That would explain it, thanks!

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