Default Site Theme - Would you prefer light or dark?


Users can change their default theme to dark but the default theme before logging in is the light theme.

Is it possible to set the dark theme to be the site default?

Assuming both themes are available, would users prefer the default site theme to be light or dark?

  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme

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I think dark is a nice idea. designing a good dark theme is quite hard though.
but it would def be more modern.


dark like my soul

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I would probably caution against changing the default theme based solely on the results of the above poll. Unless we can do some simple population studies and statistical analysis, we don’t really know how accurately the poll reflects the userbase. Any statisticians in the audience?

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well i vote for dark theme
but it doesn’t matter if manjaro site theme is light or dark to me as i use dark reader so every webpage is in dark theme.


I tried dark theme for a couple of days recently. It does look nice but I find it easier to read the text within the light theme so that’s why I still use light and voted for it.

anyhow, my thoughts are interesting poll but don’t fix what isn’t broken as it’s simple to switch themes :wink:

maybe the cookies stored could instruct the browser to load the dark theme before users log in? don’t know.

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after finding the dark theme option, whenever i clear cookies/logins and see the light version everything looks washed out and hard to read. for the most part, this forum stays logged in so i could care less what the default is. although it would of been nice if i noticed the option for dark earlier.
some would disagree but my eyes feel so much less strained using dark themes/light text than with light theme/dark text but i guess everyone’s different. i know it makes a positive difference for me and thats all that matters.


yeah my eyes are screwed in a different way to yours I guess :wink:

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in the end it’s always gonna be user preference, im just glad the dark option is available. i’ve tried alot of different dark theme browser extensions and they all have issues in one way or another so i dont use them and instead squint to block out the blinding light when necessary.

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Oh boy, please leave Light Theme as option

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I have tuned my monitor using a Spyder5 as close to sRGB at 120 candelas as possible (a good brightness compromise of not too dark during the day but comfortable for a dark-ish room at night)

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Leaving the default forum theme as dark would be so great!
It will be so much better for my eyes!

And this is 2019! Every website and forums should have dark mode if they don’t already have one! :slightly_frowning_face:

PS: I know a lot of websites need lighter themes (like business sites with fancy designs etc!) but my rule of thumb is, if a website is making you read a lot(like blogs, forums, news sites!), it should have a dark mode!

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@jonathon, is 64% enough to warrant dark theme by default?

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64% of registered members who saw the thread and voted…

Web pages are generally light-themed and I don’t really want to move away from that default unless there’s a specific reason to do so.

It’s not a decision to be made… lightly… :rofl:


it does have a dark theme option, check your user options :wink:


Oh I know that. I am using it too. I was talking about “default forum theme as dark would”

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Wouldn’t you have stats in the admin section or something showing number of people who have dark theme enabled and the light theme users?

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no telemetry :smirk:

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I voted dark theme, but would leave it light. More people have real problems reading dark themes than the other way around.