Default Scrolling in st-terminal in bspwm minimal edition

I am trying to find the scrolling option in st-terminal pre-installed by bspwm minimal edition.
I accidentally press some combination once and then I could navigate with arrow keys. However, I can not find it anymore.
I tried to understand temux.conf but no chance.
Should I first switch to tmux? or is it there in st setup and I can not find it.
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The way I start it is scroll up with the touchpad. That immediately enters the copy more where you can scroll up and down. I think the Escape key should also toggle copy mode if you prefer scrolling with the keyboard

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Thank you.
It was my fault.
I added the font option in /usr/bin/default-terminal like $TERMINAL $@ -f "Inconsolata:size=14".
I did not check there is a file in home directory for config sterminal. Now I just edit ~/.sterminalrc, and Esc+direction works.

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