Default color scheme for the entire i3 WM



Hey folks!

Love this spin however, I really, really could do without the whole overall Green (or Manjaro color scheme) for the WM. Where is it I can set the overal color scheme to something like an out of the box i3 via Arch? I can’t for the life of me figure where that might be. From the coloring of the workspaces in the bar down to the color scheme that seems to filter through Firefox. I just want it at the normal, default colors.


Which are these?
Colors maybe in
??? :slight_smile:



Ah - so you are saying that the overall colors are actually in the config?
I’ll need to spend more time looking at the diffs from an Arch i3 config and the Manjaro i3config.

You very well may be right but I just overlooked it. I must say, I do love the overall color scheme of ArchLabs - that is what I would really like to have it look at.



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