Default browser bug

I changed my default browser to brave but links are still opening in mozilla . Any fixes for this ??

Is that a typo you want brave to be the default and links are opening in brave and you think it’s a bug.

you want open all in brave ?
what links exactly open old browser ? (.html files, others ?) Which desktop do you use ?

whe can have a key in .bashrc (.zshrc) BROWSER=xxx

sorry links are opening in mozilla

yeah sorry it is a typo

I want links to open in brave but it is now opening in mozilla , I only tried with whatsapp links and i use pahvo kde plasma

Sometimes, the application showing you the link is also the one that determines what browser the link will be opened with, and then you have to change that association within said application. In this case, that would be in the WhatsApp settings.

i checked , i am using the jak version , there isn’t such an option

In ~/.config/mimeappslist if I did not make any typo, there are settings for default applications actions.

You have to remove/replace the Mozilla entries by brave ones.

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See this one:

Just replace vivaldi-stable.desktop by brave’s desktop file.

edit: like shown here:


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