Defacto guide to wayland on nvidia Gnome 46

I am having trouble finding the defacto guide to switching to wayland for Gnome 46 nvidia users.

I think I saw one somewhere in the past but not sure what has been out dated since Gnome 46 should have been wayland by default even on nvidia machines I was shocked to find out that the option still does not appear in the login screen. I expected at least to have the option (for experimentation at the users own peril) , since wayland is default now for Gnome 46 .

Anyways. Can someone please point me to the appropriate guide so that I can at least bring the option back into my login screen.


Personally I am running Gnome 46 Manjaro stable on an AMD cpu machine with Nvidia graphics driver. Please don’t ask why or how this monster came into existence. I would just like the link to the best guide which is up to date.

I don’t know if it is relevant as it was last updated several years ago

Thank you. I have done searches. Most of the stuff here seems irrelevant since (1) it is about a year old and (2) gnome 46 shipped with wayland by default (meaning that Manjaro had to actually hack it to not only boot into X11 by default for Nvidia machines but to not even have the option in the login screen to even try “the dangerous” wayland) making most of these search results you have listed possibly non-defacto.

I am thankful that you went through the trouble to create this link. Though, I did say that I had searched already “having trouble finding” The Defacto Guide .