Deepin Wallpaper and more by SGS



A light reflection of a window is a window, if you think of something else, unfortunately the advertisement in your brain has won.

What do you think of when you see an apple in the supermarket at the fruit stall?

Enter one “Apfel”= “apple” on g00gle in german and english.

Do you have the same result?


How one bite can ruin them


robot-03-sgs robot-05-sgs

I think, seems it need Blender. :wink:



How to smooth in Blender 2.80? :wink:


Have fun.
This is what I normally do.


There are so many of them :wink:


I thought I was the only one. Maybe I should start a SETI here in my universe.


I don’t know what you mean (SETI), but the little one (or everything) is well done. :slight_smile:

Thought first I could rebuild it :wink: I need more training for that.


I tried to make this into a manjaro image for my desktop some years ago … but could never find a good enough quality version to work with… but probably 1024 was the largest size at the time :sweat_smile:
(not to mention my own lesser skillz)


You can not convert? :wink:


Could :arrow_heading_up:
But never good enough image.
[if you mean mapping that to vector and exploding it … well no. I will not]
(see these ? even the 800px one is blurry…)


Maybe this?
I use it only for training, not for Wallpaper.


blurry. tbh :wink:
its just old.
[and recycled 1000 times … I wonder what the original looked like…]


SETI = Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
Use it when you think you are alone but suspect that you may be not.
(I am especially afraid of robot-01)


…I started my appearance at Github with My first PKG…
…but then I got to know that Github belongs to Microsoft so I quiet it…
then I set my account on
waitINg to be allowed to Create a project…:thinking:


Github belongs to Microsoft.
Gitlab belongs to Manjaro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…so I have to quiet Github…:skull_and_crossbones:


You do not have to.
Maybe search for both Github and Gitlab and learn the main differences - they are similar but not the same. Decide on which one suits you best.
Gitlab does not really belong to Manjaro but we did move from Github to Gitlab soon after Microsoft acquired Github.


…I try to join GitLab but it did not allow my email domain!
I joined…but to create a project I have to join a group or so…?

I try again & I’m on, with



You can search this forum for “Manjaro Gitlab”. One link I found:
GitLab @ Manjaro
explains that is only for Manjaro projects. For your own projects, I guess you will need to open your own account on Gitlab. I am not on Gitlab but there are many others here who are (including @SGS ?). Hopefully they can help. Best to create a thread for this in Off-Topic.