Deepin Wallpaper and more by SGS




I love all your avatars (and other work as well). I really like the more subdued reflection effect you used on this image on the Arch logo. I think you should use this effect more regularly (as it obscures the main image less in my opinion). Of course you’re the pro and I have trouble drawing a stick man, so I’m hardly qualified to say what is best.

Just thought I’d give you some feedback. I hope that doesn’t offend you.

Keep up the great work.


In other words :slight_smile: , I will tonight when I find the template :wink: change your avatar :slight_smile: :wink:

Constructive criticism can never hurt.
Thanks for the hearts. :hearts::+1:


It is neither here nor there really. Don’t go to any special effort for me as it’s perfectly fine as is. You deserve far more likes in recognition of all the great work you contribute to the community.


Don’t tell anyone :wink:

M-I-Z-sgs-200 M-I-Z-sgs-400


You are like Speedy Gonzalles with all your artwork. Very nicely done, and much appreciated.


I’m using this one on the arch forums.
@SGS work is fantastic.



1920x1080 with new Logo. :wink:


…by inventing my own Bootsplash it came out…that I create a logo for that project…
…so here it is…:yum:


…hard work but I made it…through trial and errors…
…to invent something new…:exploding_head:

…& in the middle I put this…
…yes I’m very happy that I have did it…
I wanted it to be Especial & mINe


pamac-icon-02-sgs pamac-icon-sgs

pamac-icon-03-sgs pamac-icon-03-sgs



Clonezilla cannot clone my manjaro drive

Als Ansatz, nicht perfekt :wink: :slight_smile:


YES for way-01 :heart:
but not sure about the layout of white texts in the logo… (the right-hand delimitation too asymmetric or symmetric or vertical ??? there’s an imbalance for me)


Do you read twitter link?,
it is not my work , only one idea for this first draft,
I think you must discus with philm, oberon and bogdan :slight_smile:


I don’t have twittie, but I like it.


I mean the logo should be recognizable once correctly :slight_smile:


Inspired by @LinuxLoverForever


Bluetoothctl not taking priority [solved]

Why do I still see that Windows logo on your pictures? Is that some kind of subliminal advertising?:thinking:
I believe they will be better without those reflections with matte surface.


Windows is always lurking, be aware