Deepin Wallpaper and more by SGS



Show me your wallpaper and I’ll tell you who you are :wink:

Download link.

Black in black, 1280 x 720

Deepin Wallpaper, white background login / logout, missing assortment. Alternative choice = Blur

Manjaro-Deepin 17.1.8

Gold on black, 1920 x 1080 ,


Deep-in, 1920x1080


Deep-in II, 1920x1080


Sample, big, 1920x1080


Eins hab ich noch :wink: | Another one I made :wink:


New Theme color?


Reminds me of this

and this

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Hi bogdancovaciu,
I like your cube’s, I was inspired from an old android Wallpaper they use black rectangle. I thought I am the first with this cube. :wink:
No, for contest I am not good enough, I need hours to make the wall in Sample :grin:.

You and muser are the artists for perfect wallpapers.

Happy Easter!

Sorry, about my bad english.


Oh … those are not mine, but i knew about them from internet … :slight_smile:
Never think you are not good for something, my kind advice. We all get better with practice, and trust me, i had drawings i was working on for a couple of days. Artistry takes time even if we inspire from others artists works.
You are doing just fine !!!


deepin waffle liner, perhaps a unique copy :wink:


@bogdancovaciu thx for the logo pattern. I look in Maia github , take the deepin color picker, and went wrong :wink:
The RGB in Text file are for example 56,56,56 not the same in Blender. Must read about.
Next is the power of light, it change also the color. So I work on my Monitor :wink: how I feel the colors :smiley: . tell me this to answer “I’ll be damned if I know!” :wink:

The other picture needs 30 min. to render on my PC.
This color looks better/near pattern?


The colors will always change in light and will be influenced by the ambient objects. Sometimes the monochromatic can be a nice thing, but sometimes floods the eyes … That is why we have complementary colors. The saturation of the colors also can influence how a drawing/render looks. After i’m near to finish something i put it on full-screen, and have an overall look at it, i let it for some time and i do something totally different and then i see if something is off (most of the times i drop the idea, modify it, make more iterations) then i make the final :slight_smile:

I’m mot very good at making wallpapers because i think too much (how it integrates with themes, widgets, menu layouts, icons, dual display or not, if has way too many focus points, if has too much noise, if is way too static … ) and i prefer something made by others, or a derivative work.


Right, it is more advertising then Wallpaper. I have only “my” cubes without Text etc. . I need free place for my 5 “conky”'s .




Inspired by @muser





Off topic



You could make a wallpaper out of these.

Some ideas: Just this ‘deepin’ text (I suggest deepin blue, but it’s up to you) with ‘manjaro’ below it in smaller, Comfortaa Bold font. With a nice and simple gradient backround. (Less is sometimes more :wink::slightly_smiling_face:)


Deepin blue?? In Inkscape # :wink: ?
I do not like blue here :wink: :slight_smile:


I was replying to this post, with the wavy text. Regarding the arrangement, I meant something like this. By Deepin blue I meant the official blue of Deepin. What I found in the above thread is that this is probably 0b53b6.


This forumstyle is new for me, need instruction manual, in german please :smiley: :wink: