Deepin scrolling not smooth in Firefox



Hi all. As I’ve continued my experimentation with Deepin, I’ve noticed something that’s a minor, but significant, annoyance. Scrolling with both touchpad and mouse for me in Firefox is not smooth and continuous, but leaps as if a “cog” is reached before heading up or down the next “cog” amount. On the same hardware, Firefox in Manjaro Plasma or Ubuntu Budgie is silky smooth. And, yes, smooth scrolling in Firefox is turned on. It makes Firefox in Deepin feel more like Chrome does everywhere else in the Linux world as a far as scrolling.

Does Deepin not use libinput but use something else?

Addendum: Starting to think it’s a system issue, as file manager scrolling is funky and strange (with screen tearing?) as well…


It should be turned ON.


Um, fixed, thanks…