Deepin RTL8723bu automatise nmcli restart

Hello there,

I have a RTL8723bu on my laptop and installed the linux419-rtl8723bu package so I could use wifi

it works but when I try to switch to a different network it fails to connect to a different network or the previous one

I can solve the issue with

nmcli networking off && nmcli networking on

now, is there a way to automatise that or even solve the bug for good?



P.S. issue is not present on different other DE so it should be Deepin related

Yes that can be automated by simply creating a desktop launcher to restart your network. Put the launcher in your taskbar, start menu, or desktop to quickly refresh your connection.

sorry, I wasn't clear, my bad.

I meant to add that command somewhere so I can normally switch network so I don't have to click anything else, I know it's a minor thing know.....

I'm sure there probably is a way to do that, but it doesn't pop straight to mind how you would go about it. That is not something that is normally required.

If i understand you correctly, this would help:

After you add some command, you can just press lmb to execute it from this list in deepin-terminal.

thank you but no, I meant to add those commands somewhere so I can use the GUI normally and forget about cycling off and on nmcli manually

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