Deepin Manjaro waiting room

This looks like a horribly outdated system…

Manjaro deepin is a community edition, so there are no clients or investors. Furthermore, it has been discontinued for quite some time now until further notice. It might be started again if deepin gets more stable on arch based systems, but currently it is just not feasible.

I was speaking about Deepin itself :wink:

Deepin won’t go away. There is an interest of the Chinese government in it. That is why it is not suitable for western world. We have to see if 20 will be available and when it will be stable enough to be usable.


Is there a way to donate @felixonmars for his great job for arch linux deepin?


You really should be using ``` or <code>, because now everyone has to scroll through your whole entire package list to get to the next comment.

Hmm, gnome is alright. But try to compare dde system monitor to gnome counterpart, it’s like a fifteen years leap in terms of design. Gnome would be great 10 years ago, but now it’s just lacking.

I like of the dde design. But the beautiful of dde does not put money on my wallet. I know that I shouldn’t using a unstable distro like manjaro deepin to work, but I did not think that I could not login with my user even having two more desktops installed on my computer.

I tried to use gnome, kde and none of then worked. That’s make me think that maybe the dde is not the real problem that I was having. But ok, I installed it and now I can work. I have to find a time machine or something like that to situations like I was having.

Have you tried timeshift?

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No, I never. Thank you so much, I will test it for sure.

As far as I know, deepin 20 has been released. Could you please provide the current status for Manjaro compatibility? Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Untested and unmaintained. It might work or might not.

this is my first post in this forum. I’m running Manjaro Deepin on 2 PCs and one Thinkpad T440s since December 2017 and I’m very happy with the desktop!

Now updated the on Deepin 20 (on Manjaro 20.1, Kernel 4.19.126-1). No issues so far.

I hope that Deepin will soon be available again as a community version and an iso for download.

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I am very disappointed that I chose the Deepin distro of Manjaro in 2018. I have loved it until it broke late last year and it has been nothing but trouble ever since.

Currently my network randomly disconnects and a number of USB devices fail to work. I’ve had enough and it’s time to cut my losses.

I suspected the issue was related to the kernel version and now that I’ve scanned this thread of the forum I see that wasn’t too far off. It’s actually worse, as the issue is broader than just the kernel version; it’s also related to the packages deepin relies on being older than arch’s.

Now I’m faced with an total system rebuild which includes adding all of the packages & programs I have installed in the last 2 years.

I really loved the deepin desktop, one of the best UI designs I’ve used on the face of Linux, and I’ve been a linux user of many distros since Linux was created in the 1990s. That’s a lot of history!

Now I must evaluate the best DE I will migrate to. It will probably be gnome. KDE is slick & highly configurable but far from lightweight and a rather daunting task to configure to be a smooth running as Deepin was. Gnome isn’t exactly lightweight either. Whatever I end up going with will probably not be as satisfying for one reason or another than Deepin.

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Create a list of all the explicitly installed packages by

pacman -Qqe > pkglist.txt

Create a list of AUR and other foreign packages that have been explicitly installed:

pacman -Qqem > foreignpkglist.txt

Here you find more tips:

By the way, KDE minimal is a lightweight and you do not need to change much of the configuration.

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This might be a rather dated assumption.
KDE is more in class with XFCE and such … clocking in at ~400mb for me.
Gnome is considered one of the heaviest … it has had optimizations recently … but I doubt you will get it as low as the others. (though apparently some get close)
Not trying to knock your choices … just pointing out some quandaries with the foundations.

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Nah. Cinnamon, budgie and deepin are significantly heavier (the manjaro editions at least) than gnome. Gnome is is upper midweight, xfce and kde are lower midweights.

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I forgot about budgie, and we were talking other than deepin, and cinnamon … I thought was close to gnome.
But I believe you if you say its heavier.
And back to budgie … has it really grown so much? It used to be a more minimal-chromeos-lookalike I thought.

So I discovered upon looking at alternatives. I found one 2020 desktop review that chose gnome as their #1 choice, bad mouthed KDE and in the cons list for gnome have plenty of reasons to avoid it.

I said gnome b/c I use it on Debian a lot. Never have liked xfce. I’m more of an eye candy type guy if I’m going to use a GUI.

Has anyone tried the EndeavorOS distro? For rolling release distros Manjaro was ranked #2 under Arch, and Endeavor #3

I was surprised too when I tested it. I suspect that the de itself is actually lighter, but the manjaro configuration is heavy.