Deepin launcher is choppy


I noticed this with Deepin 15.8 and also with the new update. When you open the launcher scrolling through apps is pretty choppy. KDE and Gnome are much smoother although I don’t know if its a bug or the refresh rate on the menu is locked to 15-30, but it is quite annoying that everything on DDE is extremely smooth and aesthetic except this one thing. Anyone else notice this or have any fixes for it?


Thankfully I’m not the only one feeling so, however what machine are you on? I’m on an old machine therefore I did not make any complaints & just turned off the effects and changed to Efficient mode.


I’m on an Ideapad 330 with a 2700u. the igpu is decently powerful compared to an intel 620. I think part of the reason is mouse acceleration but i don’t see an option for thati n ontrol center. Considering I just tried out gnome as well I think its a GTK thing if not a problem with the fullscreen launchers being having low refresh rates for older machines. I’ll boot up manjaro on my desktop with a 100 to see if anything changes.


I hate the fact that you can’t connect to WiFi without filling in WiFi password in the Settings. ( if you only fill it in the Popup box when you click connect to WiFi it will not work. ) And if you ever get disconnected, you will not be able to reconnect unless you reconfigure the Settings and click Save.


Really? Mine has worked for regular Wifi perfectly with just the popup window. Perhaps its just your network card.


It has to be, it’s the legendary B43.

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