Deepin Dock freezes and crashes after first login


I’m using Manjaro Deepin for about 2 years now.

A few weeks ago (1-3) the dock started freezing few seconds after login, so the icons do not react to to hover or click. But the app menu with SUPER key is still working, so i can open apps.

About 30 seconds later, the dock dissappears and is reloaded and workin from then.

If i just lock the screen, and re-authenticate, the state behaves the same.

But if i log out and login again, the dock is reloaded like after first login and freezing again.
It is only after the first login after booting the machine or when logged out before.

I have no idea, what could cause this - there have been several dock updates and system updates since then.

Any idea how to find out the problem? Grep some logging somewhere?


Getting better!

I was hoping that with Deepin 15.8 it would be better.
But already after today’s Manjaro update, which is still based on 15.7, the problem is solved when logging out and logging in.

Unfortunately it isn’t solved, when restarting the system.


Do you use Telegram? I have noticed that Deepin Dock constantly crashes and restarts when Telegram is open. I closed it and used for over a day without issues. Tried both the version in Pamac and the version downloaded from the website