[DEEPIN] Disable Wayland

(As of 11-07-2019) Does Manjaro Linux Deepin uses Wayland?
If yes, I would like to disable it. (and use X.Org only)

Manjaro deepin already uses X.Org

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More than that, as far as i know Deepin is not compatible with wayland (at least yet).

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Deepin is not compatible with X.Org :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face:

...sorry, couldn't stop myself.


when I do:

$ sudo pacman -Qs wayland
local/lib32-wayland 1.17.0-1
    A computer display server protocol
local/libva 2.5.0-1
    Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux
local/wayland 1.17.0-1
    A computer display server protocol
local/wayland-protocols 1.17-1
    Specifications of extended Wayland protocols

this lead me to believe that wayland may be in use (on Deepin).

How can I be sure that wayland is not used on my system? Which one of these packages (or others) may I uninstall to make sure that my DE doesn't use Wayland?


Having those packages doesn't mean you use it, it's dependencies for a lot of essential stuff:

You can see Required By section of:

pacman -Qi wayland

To run wayland you would actually need to do some additional work and Deepin wouldn't even boot, i'm pretty sure you don't run it :slight_smile:

But you can run:

inxi -Gz

To check server value, should be X.Org

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I suppose you meant pacman -Qi wayland .

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I ain't using Wayland as my display server.

I wonder, why would some packages have wayland as dependency, such as gst-plugins-bad , gtk3, etc. ??

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Yep, sorry typo :slight_smile:

No idea, most likely in relatively near future wayland will replace X so everyone preparing it as required dependency :slight_smile:

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Good software (such as X.Org) shouldn't be replaced.
I suspect of the motives that lead to create Wayland. X.Org just works. I can see some distros ship Wayland in the future and I also can see a lot of bugs coming from using Wayland (in the future).

The Wayland display server will be the first thing to break on the system, or make it vulnerable.

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Naaaah...First will be Deepin :rofl:

Then the rest :slight_smile:

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you can always ask whats running by type this to a terminal (not tty)

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Thank you @anon35400795

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