Deepin desktop hang, WEIRD repetitive text box action



GUI/ Mouse lags until I get to any text box. E.g chrome address bar or launcher menu search. Only to find a flurry of self-typing texts with only one word ‘d’ repeatedly on the text box and endless until I press Esc button then it stops. It is unusually random and I can’t really reproduce it. Has happened maybe 3 times in two months or so. Almost like a ghost takes over my desktop system and takes control of my keyboard to rape one button on it.


Oh poor you, Boy. It seems the ghost wants your ‘d’ so bad! :rofl:


I don’t use the Deepin flavor of Manjaro but I’ve heard it’s been having lots of problems recently. You may try the latest release by @Oberon Manjaro-Deepin 18.0.2 released via a live USB/DVD to see whether your issue has been solved. If the result is positive, you may consider a fresh install. Good luck!


You are correct. Manjaro Deepin is for the most part an interesting choice for a DE. Some bugs happen for some, some not for others. I finally decided to move to another DE as I got rather tired of using deepin for like 5 months. It’s pretty but not rock solid. Maybe 18.0.2 fixes most of such bugs, I don’t know. I had already packed my bags and left before the release.