Deepin Desktop Environment with Kwin?

Looking at the release notes for Deepin Linux 15.10 (yes, I know it's not Manjaro, but it does contain Manjaro's desktop environment) I came across a very interesting sentence:

One of the most significant changes is dde-kwin is now the default window manager. Users should experience improved performance as a result.

I haven't had too many bad experiences with DDE's usual window manager (which as I understand is some version of Mutter) but decided to try it on Manjaro. I fired up Add/Remove Software, searched for dde-kwin, no dice. Does Manjaro have a different name for it?

I did find "deepin-kwin", but all that did was cause a whole lot of screen tearing. And the Terminal window doesn't blur anymore (it's a bit distracting if it's transparent with no blur).

well you have to enable kwin blur effect.

might as well wait until the transition from mutter to kwin is complete.
as many deepin packages depend on mutter

Testing Deepin 15.10 with kwin and I donĀ“t honestly understand they publish this yet as stable. ThereĀ“s lots of bugs. As you say, terminal window blur doesnĀ“t work in original either, corner setting works randomly etc. Altho it feels snappier than old one, I would wait too.

That's the thing - I assumed, by looking at the Deepin release notes, that the transition was essentially complete. Instead, what I get is nonsense on the screen occasionally (bits of screen turn a mix of black and green, like a bad TV signal), and the system simply behaves "wrong",

If this is what the Deepin 15.10 folks are using, they have my deepest sympathies.

To me it feels just "wrong". Animations get cut off halfway, things Just Don't Work.

its complete for stable for their deepin distro.
and we use unstable.
so we have mutter as dependancie.

In other words, patience is the key? Wait until DDE-Stable gets merged into Unstable?

I don't want a situation where I have multiple compositors installed on my system, and the desktop environment depends on two of them.

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Bright side is that if you update old install, mutter still stays and kwin comes with clean install at the moment (Original Deepin). As Deepin is my newbie distro to go, it doesn't brake existing installs, at least not yet. Second huge problem is that software center is missing huge amount apps, 'cos they go from Debian unstable to stable. Will be interesting to see how this goes...

I have Manjaro Deepin installed too, so at least I have at least one working machine... :grin:

Honestly, I don't give two-fifths of a rabbit's fart about the original Deepin. The front-end, the display, is gorgeous (which is why I use it on Manjaro), but the system itself... well, it's like building a castle on manure.

Basically, what I'm saying is that apps going missing on original Deepin are Not My Problem. Our friends in China can worry about that. I am happy with my Manjaro install - just worried and surprised at the same time that we're not using the latest thing.

This statement is not correct.
Deepin Linux are the ones that make the Deepin Desktop. Manjaro just has an edition that uses the Deepin Desktop. :slight_smile:


I think you missing the point here... Original Deepin IS the latest thing, so if there's a problem it's in Manjaro spin as well. And there are a lot of problems and fixing them might take some time. :roll_eyes:

I don't think I missed the point. Yes, the desktop environment in original Deepin is indeed our concern (because it'll filter down to Arch and then Manjaro)... but what I was saying is that the repository switch, which is back-end Deepin stuff, doesn't concern us at all, because we don't use Debian stable, unstable, or jell-o.

Deepin Desktop Environment is an evolving creature. Of course it'll take time to learn to fly. Still better than XFCE :smiley:

It concern a little bit as we donĀ“t know are Deepin developers more hurry to fix "back-end stuff" or fixing the bugs in desktop enviroment. CĀ“mon, it canĀ“t be that hard to think... :grin:

Now that I can understand. Allocation of man-hours is something that makes my blood pressure go up to 180/90. And of course the Chinese are out for themselves, want to make THEIR distro work - the fact that it works for us is just a side effect. So yes, that can be a source of worry.

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Hello Deepin fans,
I can only hope that it never comes to the Deepin completely switch to kwin. The kwin is his last junk, and the reason why I switched from KDE to Deepin.
Kwin does not run reliably even under KDE. And then the eternal topic with the Thearing, which defies many tricks in the xorg.conf can never be completely solved.

Well, after this morning's update, Kwin works well for me, at least at the moment. :slight_smile: I hope Deepin won't ever become incompatible with its old compositor, but Kwin has been working nicely on my computer (17" macbook pro) for the last four or five days.

Well, formerly under KDE4 the kwin was ok too. Except for the strong tearing when scrolling in the browser, or generally when opengl in the game comb. But since KDE5 and Qt5 the part is absolutely useless. So for a good 4 years. And that's not just under Manjaro. KDE Neon has been running for a while, and the same problems there.
You just have to look around the Manjaro forums. If there are problems, mainly after updeates, who is affected? Mostly the KDE user. Which is very often the SDDM or kwin.

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