Deepin-desktop: chromium: xdg-email: no method available for opening 'mailto:'

That has been several months ago, I will check that everything is fine with the updates.

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Reported on Arch Linux.

Closed upstream without giving a reason. I have asked the closer.

Ah, sorry. I needed to flag the package instead.

Done here.

I don't really know how much clearer it could be:


Ummm, it seems that the problem is rather that the software takes plenty of time to see a stable release upstream.

I will talk with them about releasing more often.

The patch you wrote has an issue identified by one of the Deepin developers:

which you appear to have ignored, and then unsubscribed from your own bug report? Or is it fixed elsewhere?

Is there a patch set which represents the actual difference between 1.1.3 and the updated files?

The fixed it afterwards.

Which most likely won't have any consequences, because that was for supporting a very old Deepin. Unlikely to have a modern xdg-utils and a quite old deepin.

That's why I removed that to begin with.

I guess I didn't make my question clear... What I'm after is the final patch which fixes the issue.

With a patch I can rebuild xdg-utils, or potentially ask the Arch maintainer to include it. If the issue is happening in DeepinDE in Manjaro it's very likely happening in Arch too.

You will need:

But personally I never mitigate fires, but fix the root cause that is creating them.

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It's great that you're asking the question, but

Do you realise how unrealistic that is?

I train six times a week, about forty minutes each day. Not a casual frequency, but not anything an average human couldn't do if they wanted to.

I have a friend that always tells me why he can't do what I already do on my training. He always has a reason.

Under all the reasons he says he can't, I have done it. If I say him so, he will reply that his situation is different.

All my software is continuously deployed, in the present.

As long as the API is predictable, and the commits are tested to work, it doesn't matter how often you update.

In fact the faster you update, the easier to correct issues and the greater the quality is. As kaizen and continuous integration tells us.

I will even adventure to say that versioning isn't even needed for any kind of software. If you plan to change an API call, you can give a reasonable grace time for deprecating it, meanwhile print warnings about it.

All those ideas about stable releases are heritage from an era where changing software was difficult. But these days, with the proper process and automation, everything could be made instant. If something breaks, in the next hours fixed.

Why many projects see this as unfeasible? It is because they lack SMED and autonomation.

Yes, I believe change should reflect new Deepin versions and forget the old ones. And Manjaro Deepin is a rolling release so it is in it's best interest too. It should defend this position.

One thing that I should add is that I believe the bug fix done was changing DE=deepin to DE=gnome3. Changing it to DE=gnome will work too, and I believe it will be more compatible when gnome4 comes along.

Just download the fixed xdg-email, and substitute that in your system.

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