deepin can't boot anymore

I'm facing this issue and It's not booting anymore

There are no errors are anything in that screenshot.

Tell us exactly what you did in the previous boot. Any updates, new applications installed, driver config changes?

I installed all available updates 2 days ago as usual nothing else, unfortunately I do not remember what updates have been done



Try this

sudo pacman -S pastebinit
tail 200 /var/log/pacman.log | pastebinit

Or more then "200" until "maximum paste file size exceeded" :wink:

Important knowledge

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Paste the text into a the post
Select the newly pasted text in the post
Click the </> icon in the post toolbar

This creates nicely formatted text which is readable for other users after you.

(Text was copied from linux-aarhus)

To clarify, do what others said but you need to boot into live-USB session, open terminal and enter:

sudo mhwd-chroot

It will open a new terminal window in root session of installed system. If you want to install some programs switch to regular user with:

su username

Anyway, once you are in a terminal of your installed system, you can look for logs and do potential repairs.

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