Deepin-boot-maker requires deepin-wallpapers?

I found the deepin-wallpapers package installed as a dependency at 99.62 MiB. I traced through the dependent packages, and it turns out it’s because of deepin-boot-maker. Here’s the dependency chain:
deepin-boot-maker > deepin-qt5integration > dtkwidget > dtkcore > deepin-desktop-base > deepin-wallpapers

Isn’t it strange that deepin-boot-maker would require deepin-wallpapers? Because I have a feeling that something in this chain of dependencies is unnecessary.

Those are packaged by Arch, not Manjaro. It’s possible that’s the way upstream does it.

❯ dependency-checker deepin-wallpapers
community/deepin-kwin depends on deepin-wallpapers (built by Antonio Rojas <>)
community/deepin-session-shell depends on deepin-wallpapers (built by Felix Yan <>)
community/deepin-session-ui depends on deepin-wallpapers (built by Antonio Rojas <>)
community/deepin-wallpapers-temp-fix depends on deepin-wallpapers (built by Philip Mueller <>)